село Доганово, общ.Елин Пелин, обл.Софийска,

тел. 07158 /23-20, 23-21,e- mail: dd_doganovo@mail.bg

Home for children deprived of parental care village Doganovo (DDLRG) is a specialized institution for children at risk and disadvantaged.

Currently in the House live and are educated 36 children aged 7 to 18 who grow up without parental care.

Some of them are orphans or half-orphans with no one to care for them. Others are abandoned after their birth and never claimed by their parents. Others are victims of violence in the family and at the discretion of the public authority child protection fall within the institution.

The task of the staff in Home Doganovo is to take care of children, to educate them, to develop their talents, giving them everything it takes to make them worthy citizens. To achieve this goal, it is necessary the children to grow up safely and securely, to feel the warmth and love of the people around you, to live in good facilities, creating comfort and relaxation.

The Staff of DDLRG Doganovo consists of 25 people – including 14 people (teachers, educators, social workers, psychologists, medical personnel) directly caregivers children and 11 support staff (accountant, host, cook, chauffeur, launderer, cleaners etc.).

The house budget is not sufficient to satisfy all the needs of children. It is distributed and covers basic needs such as food, water, electricity, salaries, hygiene materials and others. Much of the budget is spent on heating the building, because the heating system is old and not effective.

Here are the goals and objectives that aim to meet in the coming months and years:

1. Heating: it is necessary to replace the heating system and the building is remediated, to repair the roof, to be effective heating and reduce fuel costs.

This investment would reduce dramatically the cost of heating, which is separated from the budget DDLRG, and these funds will be directed to other needs and the needs of children.

2. Vehicle: it is necessary to purchase 20 seats minibus that is available for the transportation of children to various courses, events, camps and more. Currently DDLRG has an old van, with 7 seats, which is no longer in good condition.

3. Supporting education courses (mathematics, Bulgarian language, history, etc.). The aim is to help every child in this area where there are problems or gaps in their knowledge.

4. Courses according the children interests (football, volleyball, swimming, tennis, flowers, painting, etc.). Sport educates and creates many different qualities, so it is necessary to present in the daily lives of children. They should be encouraged and given the opportunity to touch and to the arts, creating interest in them.

5. Courses for acquiring a profession (cook course, a course in massage, course in cosmetics, manicure course in hotels and restaurants, etc.). These courses are aimed at young people after 14 years. They would be very useful, since young people acquire through their profession.

6. Conducting therapies (hippotherapy, rhythm therapy, art therapy, etc.). The therapies help children to create inner peace, to overcome their concerns and help they learn to follow and achieve their goals.

7. Support of gifted children. In DDLRG Doganovo we have children who paint very well, others who are very musical, others who have talents in various sports. The aim is to support these children individually by securing the resources needed for further development.

8. Means for summer camps and cultural events. Through camps and events children socialize, see new places, get acquainted with new people, develop friendships.